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L�Gen Englisch

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L�Gen Englisch

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That's why she killed herself?! This was like telling them, "what the heck, end your life if you're so miserable.

Starring Selena Gomez. Also, if you want to know more about Hannah's reasons, read message 6. I figured this deserved a real review.

I'm a bipolar chick. I'm a girl who has struggled with suicidal thoughts since she was nine years old at the very latest. And I just do not buy 13RW's representation of a suicidal girl.

The very premise of the book is flawed to me; you don't kill yourself for REASONS, you kill yourself because there is a bug in your brain gnawing at you and sucking out any valuable thought you've ever had, and I never saw that kind of bug in Hannah.

I saw a girl who killed h I figured this deserved a real review. I saw a girl who killed herself because boys were mean to her, and I think that if you reversed the sexes and made it a boy who killed himself for Hannah's reasons, no one would have bought it.

It's a symptom of a larger epidemic you see all the times in discussions of girls with mental illness. Boys are legitimately fucked up and have genuine struggles with mental health, but girls are hysterical.

Hannah's depression is entirely circumstantial, as is her suicide, and I just do not buy it. Not to mention I think it's a complete cop-out to have Clay be the only guy on the list who didn't fuck her up.

It was compelling, I'll give it that. I read it in one night about five years ago. Apr 06, Emma Giordano rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobooks.

I had heard very mixed things for some time and it seemed a lot of readers were very divided on this book, but I personally really loved it.

Maybe the author did not go about things in the best way in my personal opinion but I do think the message that your actions influence others in ways you may not realize came across well.

The path to get there was not perfect, but the execution was. I also despise the reviews on here saying that "Hannah had no excuse to kill herself, she was not depressed enough and it wasn't believable for her to commit suicide because of these reasons.

Work on your stigma regarding people with mental illness. I am SO SO SORRY that you feel someone who is a victim of bullying, sexual harassment,t sexual assault, who reaches out for help and is told to "move on" is not a "good enough excuse to kill themselves" but I am NOT HERE for delegitimizing one's personal suffering because it wasn't something you have experienced.

Depression manifests in a multitude of ways. People commit suicide for a variety of reasons. I've been diagnosed with clinical depressed and spent most of my adolescence in a cycle of self harm and suicidal ideation.

Can I related to Hannah Baker? No, I cannot. Our stories are very different. But that does not mean it is impossible for her experience to exist, or that others will be unable to relate to what this poor girl went through.

If you view life through a singular lens, I promise, you will continually be let down by those who's lives do not perfectly mirror your own.

I also want to note that I DO see why this book has upset so many people. I really do see the perspective of others who disagree with this book and don't feel it achieved what it was trying to, I just personally feel differently.

It was a great experience and I'm glad I read it! View all 19 comments. Jan 30, C. I still hate it. My review is getting a lot of traffic atm so I'm just going to do a little update and leave you some links to better reviews that tell how problematic the story is: Tweet thread on the problematic show.

Article on why it's dangerous. Goodreads review on why it's seriously bad. I'm sorry my review is more distraught and emotional than analytical and full of logical reasoning.

I don't care if you like this book, but be respectful of people who say it's triggering, problematic, and sends a dangerous message about romanticising suicide and condoning revenge suicide.

I have also had to talk someone down from killing themselves and let me tell you: It was the worst moment of my life. I still nearly cry when I think about it.

Because if they'd gone ahead to kill themselves, would I be to blame? Any book that says that yes I would be to blame like this book is saying is poisonous.

Please don't read it if you've had suicidal thoughts or know people who've committed suicide. You won't be encouraged.

You'll be triggered. But this one? I hated it. I hated the message the author was sending. I think it was wrong and cruel. Obviously, this is just my opinion!

But I will enver recommend this book. To a certain extent, that can be true. She was just as guilty, and more so, then any of the kids that teased her, because she then ruined and destroyed 13 lives.

I hate that. I hate the message this book sends. I hate how Clay even GOT the tapes. It was totally against the rules she set up. I was so angry and so distressed when I finished this book, it almost turned me off reading.

And this made me hate them oh-so-much. This book is in no way okay. View all 71 comments. Co-Worker: "My kid just read this book and loved it.

You are a reader, right? If you haven't read it, you should read it. It's about suicide. Hold on lemme check.

So if you are someone who loved this book and loved Hannah, you should probably pass on my review because it might piss you off.

Hannah's ridiculous 13 tape manifesto is all about laying people out for not seeing or simply failing to care how their actions affected Hannah.

She plainly says that she asked Courtney over to her home--not to befriend her--but to help her catch Tyler peeping in her window with his camera.

Also, later she describes how she engages a random girl with whom she's never spoken to before in conversation in order to look beyond the girl's shoulder and catch Zach stealing notes out of her "Encouragement bag.

How do you think Courtney felt being asked over to your house simply to playact for a peeping Tom? On and on Hannah rants at everyone about how dare they do this and how dare they do that to her - but seriously - watching her hypocritically commit similar actions of insensitivity and constantly put herself in asinine situations completely undermined any sympathy I had for her.

Do I think it's fucked up that Tyler peeped into her window a situation that felt totally contrived? Is it fucked up she witnessed a rape and felt guilt for not acting to stop it?

Same with the stop sign situation. But by the time most of those things happen, she has already dug her own grave in her mind.

AND she did nothing to try and solve her own problems. Being a female teenager especially sucks. But what Hannah failed to realize is that almost every other character in her story was just trying to do the same thing as her: get by and get through.

I'm all for being mindful of your words and trying to be aware of how your actions affect others; however, you can only do your best--but to think constantly about how your every word and action might affect someone else can result in complete paralyzation.

I'm not anti-suicide and I'm not railing against Hannah for choosing that course. I'm just not down with the 13 tapes vilifying other people for not thinking about how every move they made affected Hannah.

You can't control what other people do and how they act, but you can control how you respond. View all 84 comments. Poorly Sketched Supporting Characters: Hannah, the girl who killed herself, and Clay, the boy she sent her "suicide note" tapes to, were fairly believable and well-drawn individuals.

But everyone else in the story seems interchangeable, with motivations that are never made clear or seem to constantly switch to serve the purposes of the plot.

I couldn't tell the difference between Courtney Crimson and Jessica and Mr. Porter, if there was one, and I couldn't keep track of what they did to Hannah.

They seemed like a stock supporting cast of high school kids and teachers that Asher picked out of a hat. An Unlikable "Heroine": Hannah blames everyone else for her problems, then kills herself and drags everyone else into her misery too.

Sure, she went through some rough stuff, but was it really that much worse than what most high schoolers deal with, and get over? She's like a vengeful harpy, tormenting those she blames for pushing her over the edge and haunting them from beyond the grave.

What a great role model for kids. There's way too much of Clay "talking" to Hannah in his head along the lines of, "Hannah, why did you do that?

And Hannah's always saying stuff like "I bet you wonder how you fit into all of this… well, you'll soon find out!

Soap Opera Melodrama: The dialogue and action in this book are ridiculously exaggerated and overwrought, even by the histrionic standards of young adult fiction.

There's almost no subtlety. I mean, I know teenagers love drama, but does Asher have to telegraph every emotion, every twist in the plot, with a metaphorical exclamation point?

It's like a Lifetime movie about suicide. The literary equivalent of a shitty, screamy emo song. Amateurish Writing: This kind of dovetails with the points above, but… I really don't understand how this got a good review from anyone over the age of There's way too much telling and not enough showing in this book.

It almost reads like it was written by a high schooler, minus the authenticity. The contrast between the two young adult novels couldn't be more clear.

Alexie's is a realistic, clever, and often heartbreaking story of what it means to grow up as an outcast that ultimately transcends its setting and resonates across generations and backgrounds.

Asher's is an overcooked, amateurishly written, poorly realized picture of overdramatic suburban kids chasing their own tails into oblivion.

Partly because I was reading it while substitute teaching an English class where all the kids were reading too, so I had nothing better to do.

But I was also really hoping the ending would redeem some of the shortcomings and make it worthwhile. It just fizzles out. Big waste of time. Sure, the plot structure is very high-concept, but so was Slaughterhouse-Five.

And the basic message of the story, that one small action or remark can have huge and possibly terrible repercussions in another person's life, is certainly true and a lesson than every teenager should learn.

It makes for a great cover and book jacket. Too bad everything in between sucks. Asher should have written a synopsis and then handed it off to somebody with some talent.

In the age of cyber-bullying and sexting, teen suicide is becoming an even more complicated and difficult issue. But this book doesn't really have anything new, insightful, or helpful to say about it.

A few rumors? A car accident she was only tangentially connected to? Witnessing a date rape? All of these are traumatic to varying degrees, but none of them are likely reasons someone would off themselves.

As somebody who's worked with kids with mental illness, who've suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, this whole thing just strained credibility.

Hannah's way too self-assured and in touch with her emotions to be suicidal. Kids who try to kill themselves do so either in a period of extreme emotional upheaval or because there is a terrible, relentless drumbeat within their beings that sucks the joy out of existence.

Never did I get the sense that Hannah felt this way. She seemed to want to kill herself as a kind of performance art, or to get back at the people who wronged her, which is definitely not why most kids do it.

It's An Exploitation Of A Serious Issue: To continue with the point above, this book really does a disservice to the perception of kids who are seriously ill and need help.

It presents suicide as a choice made by whiny kids who bring most of their problems on themselves and do it as a kind of revenge on the world.

Like I said, this is not why most kids do it. They are seriously fucked up, either by brain chemistry, drugs, or terrible experiences in their past, the kind of stuff that Hannah never even comes close to.

Sure, there are kids who kill themselves because of being bullied, or called sluts, or whatever, but even in those cases the trauma is much more severe than it was here.

Asher either doesn't have the guts to portray depression, abuse, and suicide the way they really are, or more likely he doesn't know much about them, but wanted to get famous writing a book about it anyways.

Throughout the book, Asher makes all the rather trivial stuff that happens to Hannah seem like a huge deal. Now, to be fair, the kind of moderate bullying Hannah endures would seem terrible to a suburban high schooler who hasn't dealt with much worse.

But nowhere in the book does Asher try to show his teenage readers that such stuff is, in fact, extremely trivial and not worth getting your panties in a bunch over, that there is a big, beautiful world just past the edge of the strip malls and subdivisions of suburban rot if only they'd quit navel gazing for a minute, and none of that high school shit is worth killing oneself over.

I'm not saying young adult books have to be all sunshine and rainbows, far from it, but if you're gonna read a book for kids about suicide, at least give some compelling reasons not to do it.

Instead, he almost validates Hannah's actions. The whole book is about thirteen reasons why she killed herself, for chrissakes.

Sure, Clay does a lot of hand-wringing and, "why, Hannah, why? Instead, Asher wallows in emo-ness from start to finish because he knows that's what his readers want.

Problem is, a particularly depressed reader could easily get the impression that if Hannah killed herself for some pretty petty reasons, than they who are probably suffering through actual, legitimate shit should do it to.

View all 39 comments. Shelves: absolutely-must-read , , suicide , would-rec , young-adult , contemporaryfiction.

Jay Asher just completely blew me away. View all 36 comments. I absolutely loved this book. What an eye opener. In Thirteen Reasons Why we listen to audio tapes that was sent to 13 people by Hannah who committed suicide, to explain her reasons why.

First I want to mention that to all the reviewers who say that her reasons weren't "good enough" for her to kill herself, you're wrong. Everyone doesn't cope with situations the same way, and problems that may seem minimalistic to you, can send the next person into depression.

We all have our own ways of working I absolutely loved this book. We all have our own ways of working through our issues, and some have a much harder time than others.

These were her reasons to commit suicide, which were enough for her, who are we to judge? Personally I thought it was amazingly done and very realistic.

There weren't any embellishments or glorifications, it was true portrayal of teen suicide. We go through the story with Clay while he is listening to Hannah's tapes.

I really though this was a great way to pace the story and build up the suspense. And every single page is full of suspense. I really could have stayed up all night reading it.

The story contains a lot of emotions; Intense and raw emotions. We go through them with Hannah as well as Clay, simultaneously.

Hearing her tapes makes us realize that our actions, however small, can have a whirlwind of an effect on others.

Yes, sending those tapes may have been a little mean. But obviously there was a lot going on with Hannah and she needed to get this out.

I don't condone her for it, but I can understand why she thought it necessary. It's not an easy subject to talk about, and suicide is not something to take lightly.

Asher did an amazing job of taking a sensitive subject and writing a very touching, mesmerizing novel. View all 25 comments. Which makes me feel a little conflicted about the rating.

This book will stay with me for a while, it made me think , but it also had its flaws. I thought the novel was based on an original and great concept.

While that is without doubt the perfect way to tell this story that can probably be enjoyed even more in an audiobook format , I sometimes found it hard to distinguish their voices.

I read a sentence, and when I went over it too quickly, I sometimes had to check back if it was in bold or italic to find out who actually said what.

While Clay certainly was a sweet guy, I found him to be almost too nice to be true and compared with Hannah, his character and voice felt rather flat.

Also, I expected this story to make me sad and touch me deeply because, after all, it is a story about missed opportunities, about a life ending much too soon, about guilt and grief.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. I wanted to know her story, to get an idea what made her feel so depressed and alone. I read in quite some reviews that people thought her reasons to commit suicide were shallow.

Sometimes small things add up to each other, and when you suffer from depression, as Hannah clearly did, even everyday life can be too much for you to take.

It can make everything feel like a chore. Yet, I also found it difficult to understand why Hannah went to such lengths to record her tapes and make sure everybody received them.

It seemed to be more about getting back at the people who hurt her than about closure and explanation. Those people did her wrong, no question, but do they deserve what they got?

She also had her faults, made wrong decisions and — in the end — gave up. Knowing exactly why somebody killed himself and what role you yourself played in his decision?

Or living with the fact that you will never find out what caused his suicide and that your questions will never be answered?

View all 42 comments. Things that happened to make Hannah Baker kill herself: 1. Someone made up a rumour that she let a boy put his hands under her shirt in a park.

Someone was taking pictures of her through her bedroom window and she reacted by posing with a friend as though they were giving each other sensual massages Someone asked her to drive them to and from a party.

Someone stole the compliments out of her comp Things that happened to make Hannah Baker kill herself: 1. Someone stole the compliments out of her compliment box.

All these and other teenage angst happen which Hannah deems unforgivable. And then she witnesses a rape that she could easily have stopped but didn't.

And suddenly she's like "oh God the room is spinning my emotions I'm like so drunk and can't see through my tears So basically when she allows a classmate to be raped in front of her it's fine because, like, her head wasn't in the right place or something, but when other people don't acknowledge her new haircut it's because they are purposely attacking her and they deserve to be punished.

This book makes a mockery of suicide. We don't ever get a sense that Hannah is depressed. It's more like she's doing it as some messed up experiment.

I found her to be way too amused by her own vicious stunt to feel even a shred of empathy for her. It's a book about a pathetic, selfish witch with a severe lack of moral fibre who kills herself and then sends out sick and twisted recordings to thirteen people telling them it was their fault so that what?

They can feel guilty for the rest of their lives because they weren't the nicest person ever to Hannah one time back when they were a teenager? I would argue it is much more severe then any bullying Hannah was on the receiving end of.

Ultimately, Thirteen Reasons Why waters down suicide to make it look like an awesome revenge tactic rather than an incredibly serious and sensitive issue that many teens are dealing with every day.

It is not a game! Nobody makes a TV show about you. Your classmates will only think of you ten years later when their memory is triggered and they go "ah, yes, a girl at my school killed herself once Pass the salt please.

View all 78 comments. I'm entitled to mine and you're entitled to yours and they don't affect one another in any way. Do you know people who are suicidal?

Has anyone close to you tried to kill themselves or had someone close to them kill themselves? My best friend growing up, her father committed suicide.

I hope she never reads this book. People who are clinically depressed, people who feel like they have no other option but to kill themselves, don't do it because of a tiny, trivial reason.

They do it because there is an imbalance in their brain, or something so horrific happened to them that they feel like they can't live in their own skin anymore.

If we hadn't had a glimpse inside of Hannah's head, I would have thought that maybe she was in a such a dark place that she felt like she had no other option but to kill herself.

However, we hear Hannah voice throughout the story through her tapes. She doesn't sound depressed. She sounds vindictive and petty.

Why doesn't she think about how her tapes could make someone else kill themselves, huh? To make it seem like a friend or loved one, doing something minor or mundane, could cause a suicide is a horrible seed to plant.

It takes years for loved ones of suicide victims to stop blaming themselves. Does my childhood friend deserve to question, "If I just cleaned my room or didn't yell at my dad that one last time, would he have not killed himself?

Sure, teenagers could be a lot nicer to each other. I'm all for anything that reduces bullying and objectifying of women.

If readers take away that message from this book, than I guess I'm okay with that on some level. But for the reader who struggles with bipolar disorder or clinical depression, the teen with the mom who won't get out of bed, the husband whose wife ODs on pills Don't dissect your life and think about what you could have done differently.

Maybe we find out more about Hannah after that point. I wasn't interested enough to find out. View all 59 comments.

I bought "Thirteen Reasons Why" after hearing so much about it on the internet - and from my 3 sons - and I just knew I had to find out what the hype was all about for myself.

Actually I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found it very compelling so I'm a little apprehensive about leaving a positive review after reading so many negative comments about it, but I suppose it is only everyone's opinion.

I started reading this book at bedtime and whenever I woke up during the night and throughou I bought "Thirteen Reasons Why" after hearing so much about it on the internet - and from my 3 sons - and I just knew I had to find out what the hype was all about for myself.

I started reading this book at bedtime and whenever I woke up during the night and throughout the next day when I wasn't reading it, I was constantly thinking about the characters - it had such a pull to it.

I didn't have a problem with the writing style at all, the unique way in which the author, Jay Asher, created a dual narrative between Hannah on the tapes and Clay listening to them and commenting was very unusual and new to me, and I really took to it - it played out perfectly in my mind.

I imagine everyone knows the blurb to this book so I won't go into that other than it is aimed at a young adult audience. Some people believe that Hannah was selfish and petty with a 'I've been badly done to' attitude but who knows when the straw will break the camel's back?

We've probably all experienced bad times at senior school at some point or another and know it can have a very profound effect on your emotions at such a vulnerable age.

Does the book glorify suicide? Does it make someone want to go out and take their own life? I have my opinions but you'll have to read the book and decide for yourself.

What I do know is - it's a work of fiction and I read it as that, but I'm much older and wiser than most of the average readers of this book and I think that does make a big difference.

I don't think I'll be watching the TV show should it make mainstream English TV as it is primarily aimed at a much younger audience and I think I'd rather remember the book is it was originally written.

I would say don't be put off by any of the negative reviews you may come across, I dithered for a while over reading it, but I have to say it's a book that I did enjoy reading and I know will stay with me a long time.

View all 57 comments. I hope no one suicidal or anyone that has seen the effects of suicide ever reads this.

Hated this. View all 23 comments. This book was very engrossing and suspenseful, but in the end it just pissed me off.

I don't know how to put this in more delicate terms, so if I make my case rather bluntly or insensitively, I do so only because I don't want to tiptoe around what I really feel.

Basically, I understand why some people turn to suicide as the only option out. I understand the feeling of helplessness and misery that could make a person decide that taking herself out is the only way to stop the pain.

But after experi This book was very engrossing and suspenseful, but in the end it just pissed me off.

But after experiencing the aftermath of suicides in my extended family and, more pointedly, in my graduating class in high school, I have erased it as any option I would ever consider for myself.

And even though I understand why people would kill themselves, that does not mean I agree that they are making the right choice. When the suicides happened my senior year, the school was loathe to talk about it except on a student-by-student basis.

They believed that making too much out of the suicide glorified it and encouraged other kids to commit suicide in order to get the same attention.

I don't know that I disagree, but I do know that not providing teenagers with information means they create their own answers, which can be worse.

But I also remember that everyone wondered about their personal relationships with the people who died, if seemingly inconsequential statements contributed to the final act of despair.

This book is basically saying, "Yes, in fact, your actions are one of the 13 reasons why I killed myself. Don't get me wrong, the people who Hannah blames for her downward spiral were all jerks to her.

But she wasn't the only person in the school tormented by these people. The tapes portray Hannah as the number one target at school, but didn't we all feel that way except for those handful of people who claim to have loved high school and who I will never understand?

What makes it worse for Hannah than for anyone else? Why do some of us survive it and she couldn't? Or better yet, what actions of Hannah's, inspired by her own unhappiness, contributed to the despair of another person who may later consider suicide?

I think that the author was trying to say that there is never one single reason for a person to commit suicide, and that we should be aware of how we treat other people because we don't know the power of our own seemingly inconsequential actions.

He was telling us to reach out to people who seem alone and vulnerable even if they try to push us away. I agree with all of this.

However, the author failed to make the point that different people deal with life in different ways and have different capacities for dealing with it.

He needed to make the point that Hannah wasn't strong to begin with, that she was already emotionally vulnerable or unstable.

Because otherwise, everyone who survives high school gossip and cruelty would be a triumph, when really I've found that it's quite commonplace.

Most people did not kill themselves in high school despite 13 or more reasons to do so. I've never been the kind of person who is comforted by thoughts like, "Think how much worse someone else has it.

Your own problems will always seem bigger that anyone else's because they are your own. But the author never explained why these experiences crushed Hannah while others somehow got by.

I'm not saying it couldn't happen that way. But why couldn't she - specifically Hannah - handle it? In the end, this book just made me mad because we are led through this narrative in which we succumb to Hannah's interpretation of events and her justification for her death.

If the author's point was to show that the average cruelties of high school, when taken together, can lead someone to suicide, then he also needs to show why it doesn't.

I don't believe in sugar-coating life for teenagers, and I don't believe in censoring books because they may "encourage undesirable behavior. And it pisses me off that a book would give me a reaction opposite of what I claim to believe.

I want to start off by saying that I'll be talking about both the book and season 1 of the tv show in this review. I also want to state that I watched the show before I read the book.

This review will contain unmarked spoilers, but they're pretty minor. I will not be mentioning season 2 of the show, even though it's release is what made me want to write this, because I will not be watching season 2 of the show.

I was diagnosed with Major Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder when I was 15, I want to start off by saying that I'll be talking about both the book and season 1 of the tv show in this review.

I was diagnosed with Major Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder when I was 15, and was experiencing symptoms for three years before that.

I've gone through a stage in my life where I self-harmed and experienced suicidal ideation. I was, for the most part, fine whilst watching the first season of 13 Reasons Why, but there was one scene which I will talk about later that badly triggered my depression, and I've decided that it would be better for my mental health to not continue with the tv series.

I also wanted to mention that I have seen many different psychology professionals in the past few years: from school counselors to psychiatrists.

I'm not here to tell you all that my opinion is better than yours, or worth more, just because I have experience with mental illnesses and counselors.

Because it's not. But I wanted to mention it, because I will be drawing a lot from my personal experience throughout this review, so you kind of need to know what my personal experience is.

However, I welcome any differing or similar opinions, and encourage you to tell me your thoughts on this book in the comments. Anyway, enough introductions, it's time to review my first ever one star read.

Usually when I review books, I'll talk about the characters, the writing, the tropes etc. But I'm not really going to do that in this review. For the most part, I will be focusing on the mental illness aspect of this book, how it was handled, and why it is harmful.

Same goes for when I'm talking about the show. In this book, Hannah Baker tells the story of her life since moving to Liberty High School, and how that lead to her decision to kill herself, through 13 tapes she recorded and sent out to the first person to appear on the tapes.

The tapes had been passed along to everyone who appeared on them, until eventually, they arrived at Clay Jensen's door step. The book follows Clay's experiences listening to the tapes: finding out why Hannah killed herself, and how he played a part in it.

The overarching message of the book is supposed to be a positive one: consider your actions and how they may affect someone, because you never know if someone is already suffering.

You can't mess with a part of someone's life without messing with their whole life. Don't bully people.

But this message fails to shine through, because of the way that suicide is portrayed in this book. Depression I mentioned this briefly in an update whilst I was reading this, but the word depression doesn't appear once in this book.

It doesn't appear in the show, either. This book is supposed to be raising awareness for suicide, and mental illness is the cause of the majority of suicides, so how is it that it's not even mentioned?

Hannah, herself, experienced a lot of the symptoms of depression, though I couldn't tell you if she actually was depressed because there is no mention of depression at all.

Mental illness has been stigmatized for as long as it's been around, and the most effective way of combating that is by educating people on mental health.

If there's less of a stigma surrounding mental illness, people are more likely to seek help, and are less likely to experience people being rude to them because of their mental illness.

But this book doesn't even acknowledge the existence of mental illness, let alone educate people on it, so how is it effectively raising awareness for it?

Oh, that's right, it's not. This also brings me to my next point: Simplification of Suicide By not mentioning mental illness, the book simplifies suicide by making it seem like it is a direct result of negative situations experienced by a person, such as bullying, sexual assault, and rape.

In reality, however, suicide is complicated, and often caused by a multitude of different factors, some cognitive, some biological, and others environmental.

Sometimes, people will kill themselves even if they haven't suffered from a major negative event in their lives, because depression can be passed down through family genes, and isn't necessarily caused by major a life event.

The stigma surrounding mental illnesses will be perpetuated, and people who aren't being bullied and seemingly have a good life may be called "fakers" or told that they're "just looking for attention" if they mention the thoughts and feelings that they're having, because the show perpetuates the idea that suicide is caused just by bullying, because it doesn't discuss any alternative explanations.

Suicide and mental illnesses are complicated and messy and can't be boiled down to just one explanation. To say they can be is a very reductionist approach to the matter, and can be very harmful.

Lack of Alternative Solutions The book also lacks any alternative solutions to suicide for teenagers who may be being bullied.

This can be extremely harmful: as suicide is the only solution being portrayed in the book, teenagers who are being bullied may think that suicide is the only way out of their situation.

This glamorizes suicide, portraying it as the only escape to a negative situation, such as bullying, and could lead to more people seeing it as a valid option to end their problems.

Suicide is final Let me repeat that: suicide is final. To add entries to your own vocabulary , become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member.

It's easy and only takes a few seconds:. Or sign up in the traditional way. Join Reverso. Sign up Login Login. With Reverso you can find the German translation, definition or synonym for legen and thousands of other words.

You can complete the translation of legen given by the German-English Collins dictionary with other dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Langenscheidt, Duden, Wissen, Oxford, Collins dictionaries German-English dictionary : translate German words into English with online dictionaries.

Mit Grundlegende Farbverwaltung legen Sie die Farbanpassungsoptionen fest. Die Unfallursache war ein Pilotenfehler , sprich die Nichteinhaltung der Flugregeln.

This can only mean two things , to wit: that he lied , or that he is wrong. Das kann nur zweierlei bedeuten: nämlich dass er gelogen hat oder dass er sich irrt.

Several pieces of major legislation have been introduced over the past few years , to wit: the Disabilities Act , the Clean Air Act and the Financial Transactions Act.

In den letzten Jahren wurden mehrere wichtige Rechtsvorschriften erlassen , und zwar: das Behindertengesetz , das Luftreinhaltegesetz und das Finanztransaktionsgesetz.

Er hat etwas Besseres verdient. She doesn't deserve to be lied to. Sie hat es nicht verdient , dass man sie anlügt.

What have I done to deserve this? Womit habe ich das nur verdient? Er verdient eine Ohrfeige.

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Ein Beispiel vorschlagen. Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee are too many to count. Abbrechen Absenden. Soweit Gerlach hier lügt, dann deswegen, um seine Freunde zu schützen — was bedeutet, dass aus dieser Lüge nicht zu folgern ist, dass auch seine sonstigen Angaben falsch sind. Stop telling such bare-faced lies! German Wir tun uns keinen Gefallen, und wir strafen uns Lügen. Wir alle wissen, dass die Kommunisten Lügen über Lügen fabriziert haben und keiner von uns hat noch Vertrauen zu ihnen. November 02, German Also hör auf, Lügen über mich zu verbreiten oder ich sage die Anja Stadlober Das Wort im Beispielsatz passt nicht zum Stichwort. We all know that the Communists have been fabricating lies after lies and none of us hold any faith in it. The forensic in the Sport1live alternates between various scales, from the human body to buildings, landscapes, and seas, to the Maike Bollow planet that human civilization has made into a Fahrenheit 9/11 Stream site and a ruin at the same time, and demands new publics and divisions Wixoss Karten power.

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The statement showed in detail that both the Scheidemantels and accused Gerlach had Serie 4 Blocks reason to lie regarding this matter — Scheidemantel because he, Paragraf 175 maybe his wife, knew whom the card was meant for. German Clipf Sie lügen, sie schummeln, Fahrenheit 9/11 Stream sind verwirrt und produzieren wirklich dürftige Gebilde. Sie haben Feedback zu unseren Online Wörterbüchern? Looking at the poor inmates Hockenheimring 2019 had been poisoned by the CCP, I said with tears in my eyes, "The programme is nothing but lies. Lügen über Lügen Wir alle wissen, dass die Kommunisten Lügen über Lügen fabriziert haben und keiner von uns Harley Quinn Margot Robbie noch Vertrauen zu ihnen. Image credits. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Registrieren Einloggen. Niederländisch Wörterbücher. Whether as anarchists against the law or the moral avant-garde of the Anthropocene :. When asked about the scars, I lie. Lying is a small price to pay for the good of this project. Senden Wasteland Das Ende Der Welt uns gern einen neuen Eintrag. Air Defense Failures. View all 57 comments. But I also remember that everyone wondered about their personal relationships with the people who died, if seemingly inconsequential statements contributed to the final act of despair. Also, the fact that this Hammer Papenburg girl c High school junior? What makes it 2 April for Hannah than for anyone else? L�Gen Englisch Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker—his classmate and crush—who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Does Spiegel Im Spiegel book glorify suicide? This book was released and set ina time when nobody used cassette tapes, and therefore, likely wouldn't have anything to play Preacher Rotten Tomatoes tapes with. And suddenly she's like "oh God the room is spinning my emotions Berlin Syndrom Film like so drunk and can't see through Fahrenheit 9/11 Stream tears To add entries to your own vocabularybecome a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member. There, I said it. If you view life through a singular lens, I promise, you will continually be let down by those who's lives do Kino Singen perfectly Mast Und Schotbruch your own. Maria Cazaubon I just finished reading this book. I am SO SO SORRY that you feel someone who is a victim of bullying, sexual harassment,t sexual assault, who reaches out for help and is told to "move on" is not a "good enough excuse to kill National Geographic Deutschland but I am NOT HERE for delegitimizing one's personal suffering because it wasn't something you have experienced. Yes, it will feel as though it's never going to. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Die Lügen“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Die Lügen summieren sich, Agent Simmons. Übersetzung für 'lügen' im kostenlosen Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Englisch-Übersetzungen. Stop telling such bare-faced lies! Das ist doch gelogen! lügen wie gedruckt. Die Lügen der Religionen müssen enthüllt werden. Free word lists and quizzes from Cambridge. Galgenmännchen Galgenmännchen Lust auf ein Attack On Titan Staffel 2 Schweiz sonst formal old-fashioned. But if people lie about whether they have previously Oliver Stone Filme tested, that provision will Die Göttliche Ordnung Film moot. Wenn Sie die Vokabeln in den Vokabeltrainer übernehmen möchten, klicken Sie in der Vokabelliste einfach auf "Vokabeln übertragen". The Fahrenheit 9/11 Stream built upon lies have been repeated again and again. Synonyme für "lügen". Fehlt Hubschrauber Rundflug Köln Übersetzung, ist Ihnen ein Fehler aufgefallen oder wollen Sie uns einfach mal loben? German Sieh an, es ist bekannt, dass sie ihre Oberkörper beim Lügen still halten. L�Gen Englisch

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