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Small wonder that Allah shaikhh receded into the background, making Muhammad the greatest Idol of all times. Therefore, he was not a prophet before birth; neither the world was created from his light.

It may be a great vehicle but it cannot budge an inch without fuel, which serves as its driving force. Memories of these crimes have haunted him ever since. Therefore, he had to be a politician in the tradition of Prophethood.

Islam: The Arab Imperialism :: Reviewed by Daniel Pipes

Since God is power, and power is God, the Prophet must be powerful to appear godly. The Nature of Prophethood 31 Chapter 4.

He has been spurned rudely by man, yet He desperately wants to send guidance, which has already been proved totally useless. It could not have been anything but the faith of his ancestors, which was idolatry.

Anwar Shaikh’s Islam, the Arab imperialism. She agreed and they became a wedded couple but things did not work out because she was conscious of her noble birth in comparison to Zaid, who was a freed slave. Only a politician could ignore it to suit his convenience.

He appears to be the shadow of Muhammad. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. His dislike of Muhammad, and Muhammad’s policy towards him is reflected by an episode, reported by an early historian of Islam, Ibn Hisham: To show His pleasure for Noah’s morality, God established a covenant with him Genesis 9: This is the pivot of dominance urge, which is satisfied by pleas, petitions and prayers of the vanquished and subordinates to convince the dominant of his greatness, glitter and grandeur, which is really not there because man is mortal and intrinsically so vulnerable that he can be humbled any time by disease, death or disaster.

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The boy is said to have opted for Muhammad. Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. What does the Bible say about David? Hell is the most tormenting and terrible place SalvationXXV: And therein they shall be given to drink a cup whose ingredient is ginger; therein a spring whose name is Salsabil Immortal youths shall go about them; when thou seest them, thou supposest them dispersed pearls.

The Bible had bestowed supernatural reverence on Jerusalem, the chief city of the Jews. Here are quotations from Sunun lbne Majah, volume one: He prepared an altar of wood, tied up Isaac and laid him on it.

The recent Osostlander Report on fundamentalism by the European Parliament, has recognised this peril. In the Battle of Uhad, the Prophet had initially 1, combatants: Fancy the craze for salvation, by killing one’s own son! Thus, we can say that desire, freedom, morality, consciousness and knowledge are the basic components of free will, which cannot operate successfully unless its constituting elements get a fair chance to display themselves.

Therefore, being misguided, they shall be thrown into hell.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam)

Islam, before the commencement of revelations. According to the Jewish mythology, Adam was the ancestor of mankind but his progeny met near extinction when Noah was about years old. They, therefore, took to the last resort – divorce – and secured separation from each other.


Thus, one is eagerly inclined to know what paradise is: One wonders why Allah thought it necessary to change the customary law of adoption that prevailed in Arabia at that time.

Prophethood is based on the doctrine of revelation: Lot, the nephew of Abraham, though admirably daring, did not triumph in his mission. It was, in fact, a conspiracy to murder him.

There is yet another event which shows that Abraham behaved like an ordinary human. As he sojourned in Gerar, Abimelech, the king of Gerar, took over Sarah.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam) – Wikipedia

I need not repeat all those arguments here that I have advanced in my books “Eternity” and “Faith and Deception” to expose the hollow nature of revelation. The pivot of Muhammad’s prophethood is the Koran, which claims to be the source of guidance to mankind, but this Koranic enunciation does not hold good at all. If Allah gives the Prophet dispensation from his own Law, then Allah’s Law is no more than a joke because if the Prophet himself cannot carry it out, then how can Allah expect the ordinary believers to obey his commandments?

Anwar Shaikh born

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