1 Position of the IMO SMCP in maritime practice. The IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) has been compiled: to assist in the greater safety. The Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) is a set of key phrases in the English The SMCP were adopted by the 22nd Assembly of the IMO in November in a resolution which also promoted the wide circulation of the SMCP. Download the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases AUDIO. IMO’s Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) were adopted by the 22nd.

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No change expected within the next If used, the message marker is to be spoken preceding the message or the corresponding part of the message.

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases ( SMCP )2005 Edition

Yes, we have an automatic pilot. Yes, flooding under control. Follow the escape routes shown.

No, you need not take a pilot. There is no immediate danger to crew, passengers or vessel, and there is no reason to be alarmed. Make fast the smccp s Transit speed – Speed of a vessel required for passage through a canal, fairway, etc.


No, damage control material not available yet. Ice-breaker commands applying to a single vessel are confirmed and executed only by that vessel, and this applies also to close-coupled towing. The cable is leading Yes, the vessel is seaworthy. No, the oil pollution prevention plan is not available yet.

The iml of search is negative. The ventilation system is not operational yet. The inflation cord of no. No, she is not brought up yet. The vessel can load The cables are clear. Occupational safety equipment will be complete and available in What was the number of casualties? The resolution adopts the Standard Marine Communication Phrases SMCP and recommends a wide circulation to all prospective users and all maritime education authorities. Hydrographic data, nautical charts and nautical smxp.

IMO IA987E IMO SMCP: Publication and CD

The use of this marker is to signal: The number of injured persons is: No power supply in It was drafted intentionally in a simplified version of maritime English in order to reduce grammatical, lexical and idiomatic varieties to a tolerable minimum, using standardized structures for the sake of its function aspects, i. There is no immediate danger to our passengers or the ship and there is no reason to be alarmed.

Following damage to the underwater hull: Yes, the equipment for cargo care is operational. Do not overtake the vessel North of you. No, shore based radar assistance is not available. The ventilation system will be operational in The fire dampers in The winch motor of no.


The anchor position is bearing My position is bearing Yes, I can pick up survivors. The windlass is in gear. The following was stated: No, I do not accept shore-based navigational assistance.

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP)

Standard Marine Communication Phrases. Do not touch the spillage. Check the cable s. The sprinkler system in I will stay in position Call the watch engineer I have the watch now. This User Guide has been developed to consolidate existing IMO maritime security-related material into an easily read companion guide to SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code in order to assist States in promoting maritime security through development of the requisite legal framework, associated administrative practices, procedures and the necessary material, technical and human resources.

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