I started experimenting with more frequent training with my clients in , and in I released the original High Frequency Training (HFT) program. He had such great success building muscle on my High Frequency Training (HFT ) program that it changed his views regarding the dogma. Try High Frequency Training (HFT): If underdeveloped arms are your problem ( and they most certainly are if you’re still reading this) it’s.

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If there’s a rest day in between, waterburu not necessary. Whether he chooses a set-rep volume that’s closer to 24 or 32 depends on the reps for that workout.

Bigger Arms – The Unbiased Truth

wterbury I’m sure you have, too. Switch up the exercise variation if you need a change of pace. The next consecutive day workout should consist of at least three more reps than the first Monday workout. There is a difference.

Question of Strength 50 by Christian Thibaudeau Today How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt.

You won’t add reps with every workout. I recommend you use the same basic range for all workouts, based on your experience.

If you feel that’s your limit for available time, keep doing 80 reps per day. The quality of food you eat? On the days that you’re performing your regular workout, put the push-ups at the beginning of the workout to take advantage of the pre- and post-workout nutrition that should be a part of your nutrition plan. Basically, I’m talking about adding reps to any exercise that only requires your body weight for resistance.


HFT2 – | Build 2WICE the Muscle | Chad Waterbury

Dips for Chest vs. For example, a five times per week triceps building plan might look like this: So females can pick and choose the right plans for them.

I’m confident this new system will be lean muscle faster than ever before. Here’s how it looks: Follow your usual training plan at the gym, but hit this extra exercise every single day following the rules and progression plan below. Focus on the body part or movement that needs the most help.

However, a few sets of a few times per week is anything but aggressive neck training. This is waherbury it’s essential to always do each rep with perfect form. But these guys perform 10 shows per week! What makes you fat? Let’s say that number is 80 reps. Only perfect reps enhance the motor pattern, and that’s key to elevating your hfg.

Since this is the workout with the highest sets per body part, I chose an efficient triceps movement that also challenges the anterior deltoids and pectorals.

How to Train More Frequently

Only about 10 percent of people are able to do it. By alternating between antagonist movements you’ll maintain your strength levels that will allow you to recruit more motor units with each set. The day before I did reps. Even a slight shift in technique swinging or kicking your legs will not enhance the ideal motor pattern as effectively as doing it with perfect form.


The first school looks at the muscle groups involved in the pull-up and sets up a workout of exercises that target each muscle group.

It definitely wasn’t easy to always find time to spread or more pull-ups throughout the day, but it was worth it! Specifically, I define HFT as training a body part more than four times per week. Some make sense; others miss the target completely because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the principles it takes to get the right ratios of volume, intensity, and recovery. As the Russian strength coaches like to say: The difference, however, is the way females will probably use this system.

However, the frequency limitations become paramount when you train with heavy loads. Here’s how it breaks down: So now it’s time for my latest, most effective and user-friendly version of HFT that will add new muscle wherever you want it. This quick drill does it all: That’s because it’s not required that you do only three more reps, but it’s the minimum.

My HFT Hollywood soundbite goes like this: These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline. Or maybe you don’t want to focus on your triceps at all.

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