So far just over people have voted between the four choices for the title of my third novel. Here’s where we currently stand: It’s a pretty tight contest. Ancient conspiracy. Relentless evil. The hunt for answers continues. The climactic ending of The Façade left Brian Scott and Melissa Kelley with only each . Buy a cheap copy of The Facade book by Michael S. Heiser. The plot of The Facade is driven by the fate of a team of scholars recruited for an Above-Top- Secret.

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I am uncertain as to whether or not he was trying to make a statement with this endeavor into fiction. I have read Dr. UFOs and possible supernatural beings with super human abilities are gradually revealed while other explanations for their abilities are also teased out.

Like any world-builder he takes his special turn on reality, and follows it to its furthest conclusions. Published September 20th by Kirkdale Press thw published January 29th Heiser gives us the next one. Well those of you who read The Portent, the sequel to The Facade, It was fun — got me more in the mood than ever for book 3.

His main research Mike Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. A small gripe in th The present volume is a damn fine good bit of sci-fi mixed hiser religious lore, especially if you’re a UFO buff like myself.

You can vote on the title … if you subscribe to my newsletter. In fact, we only see each other about once a year, so it is not uncommon for us to be oblivious of each others personal lives. Read either book for details. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Voting will continue until the end of the year.


Anyone who calls themselves a Bible-believing Christian needs to read thi Every so often, a book comes along that challenges the way Christians should view the world we live in, the unseen war going on around us. Very nice read I must say. I am a big fan of Heiser’s academic writings, but unfortunately I did not find this book equally stimulating.

Unpeeling layer after layer of deception and counter-deception, Brian moves toward a shocking revelation that will forever alter how mankind sees itself.

Notice the genre of other-race movies released, abduction accounts documented, the increase of bizarre supernatural activity across the earth. The ending of the book is a killer. Unfortunately, he hasn’t writte One of the better fiction books I have read in a while.

Mike currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. This book is absolutely awesome! He was on his second time reading The Facade and told me some Biblical things he learned from it.

He is met by two men who threaten him and take him away from his regular and unexciting life in Philadelphia because “his country heoser him”.

Mike blogs about biblical studies at The Naked Bibleand fringe beliefs about the ancient world at PaleoBabble.

Mike Interviewed about The Facade

Hopefully I can say that I am this Lists with This Book. I got this book from a coworker who introduced me to it during dinner one evening. Oct 22, Daniel rated it really liked it. Every Christian should read this book if only to educate themselves on the theological and eschatological concepts contained therein.

The Façade (Façade Saga #1) by Michael S. Heiser

Well, I guess he is now. Ancient Israel and Egyptology. But the story is full of thrills and intrigues.


The Facade has the suspense, mystery, and the syfy X-Files feel to it since twelve people were brought out to the Group in the Facility for government purposes and can be easily removed if necessary.

It’s trivial stuff and none of this sinks the novel. You know, where the Joker killed Batman’s parents and ends up the ultra-villian that Batman confronts?

The Façade by Michael S. Heiser

Although his knowledge of the original languages vastly exceeds my own I know of Hebrew and Aramaic as being the two languages that the Old Testament is written in Kelley; chapter 4 introduces us to 2 more characters with more incomprehensible background info about “the Group” and some, as yet unknown grave situation that even the President of the US has not yet been informed of. Besides his formal academic training, Mike has had a life-long interest in the paranormal, particularly facad UFO phenomenon.

Lot’s of it is actually backed up by real documentation that the author facae good enough to put into the novel. If you are a scholar of sorts and have read many of the books that he surreptitiously mentions, then you will know that even though this is a novel, many of the facts are absolutely true. I hope the conclusions will unfold, not leave me hanging in a paged book. Just a heads up. There are some intense scary parts.

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