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He goes back to the dry goods store to talk to the owner in order to get the rest of the book.

Majid’s Tales

Use the HTML below. Set in late 40s in Iran. To make matters worse for Majid, Majid’s guest suggests that they also order some ice cream to follow the faloodeh.

The series based on the book was one of the most-watched mini-series in Iran after the Islamic Revolution. At the beginning of this chapter, Majid explains that he is infatuated with playing the drum or tablbut has never gotten the chance to. Retrieved from ” https: After all, it was Majid who extended the invitation. The book inspired a television mini-series directed by Iranian director Kiumars Purahmad.

Majid anticipates that the shop owner will pummel him over the head when he finds out that Majid ordered desserts, but has no money. While Mashasdollah’s eyes are burning, Majid tries to remedy the situation by fetching a bowl of water to wash them out. Majid Jamshid Sadri Jahanbakhsh Soltani His bosses said it wasn’t suitable, but Kermani persisted and described it as a humor piece. Unfortunately for Majid, she locks the shed door, trapping Majid in the small room with the drum. When he returns home, BiBi is mortified by Majid’s appearance.

Eventually, the shed door is unlocked and the people watch Majid exit, anticipating instead to see a demon.

My Best TV Series. She accepts his proposal providing that he executes the passion-play for With clubs in hand and the word “besmallah” on their lips, a group of tough guys come to investigate what is in the shed, only to run away screaming when Majid yells out, “I am Majid”. Unfortunately, Majid accidentally blows salt into Mashasdollah’s eyes. Watch the Top Trailers of Majid can’t afford to buy his own drum, so he decides to secretly sneak into his neighbor’s shed, where the drum is kept, in order to play it softly.


Majid’s Tales – Wikipedia

In his last few days, Dr. He goes off to a cheaper barber, only to be treated like a third-class customer and have his hair cut so that his head resembles a corn cob.

After school, Majid goes to the local barber only to be told that the shop is now closed. See this year’s top trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: Majid’s guest notices a sudden change in Majid’s demeanor, but Majid dismisses it with the comical line, “Sometimes I get dizzy when I eat faloodeh.

Gharib remembers his childhood and compares the difference the time has made to medicine and medical procedures in Iran. He frequents the bookstores regularly and is allowed to rent books for a nominal sum. BiBi and her friends agree to buy a samovar as a wedding gift for a young woman. Sleep and Wake — Kermani said that he had a story about a boy who was an orphan and lived with his grandmother.

He then offers the teacher for his grandmother to make him a woolen jacket.

She insists that Majid always treat the animals with kindness, but one day when BiBi was out, Majid decides to mess with the birds. While downtown, he runs into a friend whose family helped Majid and BiBi a great deal after Majid’s parents died.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, Majid decides to nab an old sweater from the clothesline in the teacher’s yard. After the Rain’ narrates the story of ghseehaye during a time in Iran’s history in Reza Shah era. She begins to sing Majid’s praises and recounts all the times she helped to raise him and feed him. Add the first question.

Some people have that problem”. He reads the novel, Escape to the Mountainswith enthusiasm.

Ghesehaye Majid

While in the shed, he becomes so carried away that he begins to play the drum loud enough for his neighbor’s wife to hear the drum. However, the owner, Mashasdollah, is disinterested in helping Majid recover ,ajid rest of the book.


During his introduction, the teacher delivers an inspiring speech, saying that he himself lost his dad at a young age, but that adversity should not an obstacle preventing students from going to college.

When the shop owner asks Majid to tell him what this is all about, Majid blurts out that he left his money at home, but he invited a friend to eat dessert.

In one of south regions in old Tehran, Heidar, a bully, falls in love with a Qajar princess and proposes to her. This page was last edited on 9 Marchat Thus, Majid is so changed by his encounter with his first novel that he becomes a book lover.

However, on the first day of school, the principal sees Majid and tells him he must get a haircut. He invites his friend to a swank ice cream parlor nearby. One day, he asks his neighbor if he could play his drum, but the neighbor refuses stating, “drums are not for kids”. At the beginning of the chapter, Majid and BiBi are getting ready to attend a party.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. When he hears the front door open, Majid is stunned and accidentally drops the cage, injuring the birds. To cover up his fault, Majid blames Cutie, saying that she wanted to eat the birds. Originally, it wasn’t supposed to be a series, but it ended up being close to mauid. Learn more More Like This.

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