Looking for EPFO SSA model question papers? Feb |Updated: Feb- |Category: Misc Placement Papers |Author: Jyoti |Member. In another previous blog article titled: EPFO Recruitment (SSA) Notification, Eligibility & Forms, I had covered how to apply for this exam. In the subsequent blog article, I would give you the EPFO SSA exam pattern with sample papers and books to help you prepare for the exam.

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This article is part of a series of continuing blog post on Indian railway recruitmentaimed to provide you the info on how to get Prepare a timetable for the above all given material. Finally, we wish you all the best.

How many people had gathered? In the following number series, only one number is wrong. Valuable facts and figures can be obtained c. Data required for immediate d. Printing addresses Ans a What approximate value will come in place of the question mark?

EPFO SSA Previous Papers | Social Security Assistant Model Papers

Lithography Ans c Top executive is relieved of much of his burden d. Purchase a computer outright b. It saves 202 because of its speed b.


There is only one difference between dream and aim. Join us on Facebook. Punched cards, punched paper tapes or magnetic tapes c. Burden on the top executive is increased b.

It is very convenient to use d. Which of the following advantages could be derived from the use of franking machine? Central Processing Unit is the a.

If the length of a rectangular field is 48 meters more than its breadth and the perimeter of the field is meters, what is the area of the field in square meters?

Evaluating the performance 4. Incoming and outgoing mailing operations are separated Ans b Which method of filing is described pefo the best a.

The computation in a computer are performed by a. Secondary unit of modeel b. The mark allotted for this skill test is 50 and you need to score minimum 25 to qualify the same. The average of eight numbers taken together is Which of the following is the latest communication device? Private Automatic Bench Exchange c.

EPFO SSA Exam pattern, Papers & Books

Access us on Mobile! Private Aeromatic Branch Exchange Ans a Following blog post has been updated with a recent article titled: E;fo, use above all provided information for proper preparation. Main function of the computer d.


Carrying out the management policies d. Obtain a computer on hire c. In the following number series only one number is wrong.

EPFO SSA previous year question papers?

None of the above Ans a 9. Blue printing is also known as a. Questions asked also assesses ability to handle office routine work, like filing, abbreviating, indexing etc. Also visit this blog again. When a person distributed sweets among a gathering of people, each person got 7 sweets and 14 sweets remained undistributed.

Personal wpfo sent by the employees Ans a For any govt exam preparation, to begin with, Previous Papers is very important.

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