Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide that is being phased out .. This inspired protests, and the pesticide was banned in Kerala as early as , following a report by the National Institute of Occupational Health. British photographer Beatriz Lopez and Peter Caton visit Kasargod district in north Kerala, whose residents have been plagued by the spraying. The nodal medical officer of Kasargod district, who played a key role in Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide endosulfan, refuses to answer.

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Endosulfan – Wikipedia

Then there are villages far from the cashew plantations which also see a high rate of disease, such as Mogral Puthur. The meeting, believed to have been attended by many farmer organisations, also called for a CBI enquiry against CSE for getting funds from EU and creating a pressure group to ban endosulfan. For the first time, the doctor shared his suspicion that endosulfan had something to do with the unusual maladies he has noticed. The Minister of State for Agriculture KV Thomas’s statement, in Thiruvananthapuram, on absolving endosulfan for the health impact of victims in Kasaragod received flak.

The chemical is semivolatile and persistent to degradation processes in the environment. Both Shetty and Bala Kurup corroborate this.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

This is just the first phase of Padre’s struggle. Achuthanandan to lead ‘satyagraha ‘ “. Then again, aerial spraying is different from hand spraying, say activists.

The results were mixed. A three member team from the National Institute of Occupational Health is set up. I used to have 22 beehives.


One of their objectives, they claimed, was to expose scientifically fraudulent reports about pesticides! It means that endosulfan is classified along with notorious pesticides such as DDT and Endosylfan because of certain characteristics—a tendency to remain in soil without degrading for long periods of time, to accumulate in the bodies of living organisms, and to travel across long distances and cause harm to living beings.

In fact, I have already made representation to the Prime Minister and concerned Union Ministers of health and environment demanding immediate withdrawal of the report,” as reported by The Economic Times xtory Outlook India [72] [73].

The committee was to conduct a study on ‘Environmental enodsulfan of aerial spraying on cashew plantations in Kasaragod’. According to Sec 27 1: The very committee whose criticism has led to its formation. Kerala was the only state where endosulfan was aerially sprayed, an approach not scientifically investigated at the time. Asheel also shares another study that links prostate cancer among men with exposure to several pesticides such as endosulfan and DDT.

See June 19th April storj S hafi is a year-old man living within the confines of a bare concrete room. He said ” This is the first human study to ever wndosulfan the effects of endosulfan on the male reproductive system. As a result, in the first few medical camps, anyone could walk in and get government aid. Below is a detailed chronology of CSE’s campaign against endosulfan and the tactics the pesticides industries used to suppress information, distort truth and discredit the whistle blowers.

I hope it would be soon. Children walked through the fields. In parts of Australia, when insect pressure was high in certain months, endosulfan was sprayed as often as five to six times in less than endpsulfan year. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A year to the day of the victory, she was struck by a truck in a head-on collision that has left her with long term injuries.


Moreover, his interest in CSE bashing emanates from the fact that he sees these reports as an attack on the pesticide industry and a ban on endosulfan, which has become the face of pesticides in India, will become a precedent to ban other pesticides as well. July 27, The Endo-Ban Tracker. And CSE agreed to do so as a part of its community support work.

Dr TP Rajendran however conveniently ignored the fact that water can contain both soluble and insoluble factions of endosulfan. Endosulfan has been an easy target. The researchers compared the villagers to a control group of boys from a demographically similar village that lacked a history of endosulfan pollution.

Tracking decades-long endosulfan tragedy in Kerala

Facing huge financial losses due to the nation’s agricultural industry’s heavy reliance on endosulfan, an year phaseout period with financial support was negotiated; giving government-appointed scientists time to develop a cost-effective, alternative pest control. The two isomers, endo and exo, are known popularly as I and II. The decision was taken as the best possible alternative to limit exposure to endosulfan.

These are harassment tactics.

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