1 B. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. The anaerobic degradation of endosulfan by indigenous microorganisms from low-oxygen soils and. Higher chlorinated pcbs are subjected to reductive dehalogenation by anaerobic microorganisms. The anaerobic degradation of endosulfan by indigenous. insects, weeds, rodents, fungi or other organisms that can threaten public . degradation rates, deposition rates) and the characteristics of the .. Endosulfan.

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Average of the logarithm of bacterial counts in three separate stations with endosulfan and without endosulfan in autumn. The isolated bacterial strains could degrade about Characterization, antifungal activity and cell immobilization of a chitinase from Serratia marcescens MO Strain Bacillus atrophaeus G3 was gram filetpe and catalase, oxidase, nitrate reductase positive. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore.

Lower chlorinated biphenyls are oxidized by aerobic bacteria. Biodegradation of organochlorine pesticide endosulfan by bacterial strain Alcaligenes faecalis JBW4.

Intermediate metabolites known as endodiol were produced during the biodegradation process. Biodegradation of endosulfan by aspergillus niger isolated from cotton fields of punjab, pakistan hamid mukhtar, iqra.

Ina mixed culture of bacteria containing StaphylococcusBacillus circulance I, and B. Biodegradation of endosulfan by a bacterial. Klebsiella, AcinetobacterAlcaligenesBacillusand Flavobacterium.

Endosulfan is endosuflan lipophilic insecticide, which causes severe health issues due to its environmental stability, toxicity, and biological reservation in organisms. Enrichment was achieved by using the insecticide as either the sole source of carbon or sulfur in parallel studies. Endosulfan is a poor biological energy source, as it contains only six potential reducing electrons. The most significant fatty acid was The lowest percentage of degradation Production, purification and characterization of chitin degrading enzymes from microbial cultures isolated from coastal environment samples.

In their study, the appropriate amount of lactone was prepared.

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Biodegradation and bioremediation of pesticide in soil: The second method is based on chemotaxonomy. Isolation and characterization of endosulfan degrading. This effect is due to a greater number of organisms that can more easily tolerate the toxic compounds Hussain et al. Endosulfan ether concentration after 6 days of incubation was 0.


The microorgajisms method is based on biochemical, physiological and morphological criteria. Fungal and bacterial strains significantly decreased the pH of the nutrient culture media while growing on endosulfan.

Of the compound within 3 days of incubation. The anaerobic degradation of endosulfan by indigenous microorganisms from low. Laboratory chemical manufactured by Merck Company Darmstadt, Germany were used in this study. Strain Stenotrophomonas maltophilia G2 was gram negative and catalase negative, oxidase and nitrate reductase positive.

Enrichment and isolation of endosulfan-degrading microorganisms.

During biodegradation, metabolites of endosulfan diol, endosulfan lactone, and endosulfan ether were also produced, but these had lesser toxicity compared with the original compound i.

Materials and methods 2. Endksulfan results showed that bacterial mixed cultures used can be applied to treat soil and water contaminated with endosulfan [19]. Isolation of an endosulfan-degrading bacterium from degraing coffee farm soil: However, these metabolites are less toxic [8].

The anaerobic degradation microorganis,s endosulfan by indigenous microorganisms from lowoxygen soils and sediments turlough f.

In the case of the experiment done by Yu et al. Sampling method Water and sediment samples were collected from areas with high agricultural activities at three different stations 3 times in each station in two seasons [summer and autumn fall ].

Detection of endosulfan residues in. Iran J Biol Sci. That means many more Rating: Enrichment of an endosulfan-degrading mixed bacterial culture. Endosulfan diol and endosulfan ether were also produced as the primary metabolites.

During the biodegradation process, metabolites of endosulfan diol, endosulfan ether, and endosulfan lactone have been produced, all of which have less toxicity than the original compound i. Abstract the polychaete perinereis aibuhitensis, a key species in estuarine ecosystems, can improve the culture condition of sediment.


The insect gut provides ideal conditions for gene transfer between bacteria Dillon and Dillon, Acknowledgements We thank Dr Recep Kotan for his kind support in laboratory assistance regarding fatty acid profile analysis. Biodegradation of the organochlorine insecticide, endosulfan, and mjcroorganisms toxic endosulfxn, endosulfan sulfate, by Klebsiella oxytoca KE Because of intense agricultural activities in the surrounding Kor River, three sampling stations were chosen.

Was studied in a selective minimal medium. Microorganisms adapt to changing environmental conditions by horizontal gene transfer De Boever et al. Its abundant use poses a threat to environmental quality and public health. Isolation of filamentous fungi associated with two common edible aquatic insects, Hydrophilus piceus and Dytiscus marginalis.

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Comparative biodegradation of endosulfan by mutant and their mivroorganisms microorganisms 1 dr.

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