The Red Sari (El sari rojo), which is a dramatized version of Sonia Gandhi’s life, ran into some controversy in India. Javier Moro’s Spanish and Italian publishers. Javier Moro. Synopsis: In Sonia Maino, a 19 year old Italian student, meets a young Indian man named Rajiv Gandhi. She is the daughter of a humble. En , Sonia Maino, una estudiante italiana de 19 años, conoce en Cambridge a un joven indio llamado Rajiv Gandhi. Ella es hija de una familia humilde de.

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In India Javier Moro has two claims to fame. Second, he is the author of The Red Sari the original, El Sari Rojowas in Spanish —the book that the Congress-led United Progressive Rono banned in its wisdom; the party perceived parts of it to be offensive to its president, Sonia Gandhi.

Most of us came to know about Moro after the ban. Funny how notoriety gives you instant fame, while building reputations on a considered work like the book on Bhopal is the luck of the draw. Naturally, then, I was curious to know what had led to the ban. The logic remains as inexplicable as the implosion of the Congress party in the 16th general election under Rrojo Gandhi.

For The Red Sari is essentially a B-grade novel.

A book that the Congress may have done well to ignore—it would have sunk without a trace. Roli Books, pages, Rs. Since Gandhi declined to be interviewed, Moro depended on javvier sources of information and lots of hearsay.


As in any dramatized version of any book or story, Moro liberally cooks up quotes. My guess is that Moro meant it to be exactly this: The English translation is poor, with many typos. I suspect the original in Spanish is gripping, like a novel.

El sari rojo by Javier Moro

If you are a reader looking for a factual biography of Gandhi, this is certainly not the book. But if you sarii pulp novels, pick it up. A sampling of pulp fiction moments: When Rajiv took her hand as they were walking in the shade of the ancient walls of the cathedral, Sonia jzvier no strength to pull it back. That warm, soft hand transmitted a feeling of immense, profound safety and pleasure.

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A fictional conversation of what likely javidr on at significant moments in the Gandhi family saga only whets the appetite. To foreigners, all this would be new—and I suspect that this was the original target audience. For a public figure, there is never a private moment, and gossip about them is rarely verified.

So when Moro claims that Gandhi had a miscarriage in an advanced stage of pregnancy, there is no way one can verify the fact, unless we go to the primary source.

But more importantly, do we care? It is Gandhi the politician that matters.


Book Review: ‘The Red Sari’ by Javier Moro

She has one of the most impressive political resumes in the country. Till Narendra Modi took the country by storm, Gandhi had the most javoer record in politics. She started late, inbut delivered her party to power almost immediately inand then repeated the success in The book, if published at the height of her political career, may have been a good draw. But the launch is ill-timed, with the Congress witnessing jaavier lows in the general election and the state elections that have followed.

If there is someone who needs roojo be offended by this book, it is Maneka Gandhithe estranged daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi and sister-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. Sat, Feb 07 If anyone, it is Maneka Gandhi, not Sonia, who should have been offended by the book.

The Red Sari – Wikipedia

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