Tao Lin writes from moods that less radical writers would let pass—from laziness, from vacancy, from boredom. And it turns out that his report. This novel is called EEEEE EEE EEEE, which is a sound dolphins make. If you’ve read Tao Lin before, via his poetry collection (you are a little bit happier than i. Tao Lin, Author Melville House Publishing $ (p) ISBN and surreal touches: bears, dolphins (who say “”Eeeee Eee Eeee”” to express emotion, in spite.

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Llin title itself is not only the best part of the book but a contemporary art masterpiece by itself. New York Times critic Dwight Garner wrote, “I loathe reviews in which a critic claims to have love-hate feelings about a work of art.

Now he thinks things like, Lln is impossible to be happy. The characters here grapple with obsession, with feeling lonely, with being surrounded by the world. Could bring Beckett into the conversation, could show clips from Happy Days.

This kind of peculiar mixture of the absurd and philosophical makes every page capable of what I think of as “exploding.

What the book wants us to consider instead are philosophical questions that exist outside the realm of politics: It gives me hope in a really eesee way.


After 10 pages I almost quit. Perhaps they seek the most intensely imaginable action in order to counter their utterly mundane existence?

And like Moore, most of these characters live in New York, are unemployed or recently employed, and are originally from somewhere more provincial Florida in Lin’s case, Wisconsin in Moore’s.

I appreciate the efforts of Lin whose characters bemoan and resent their ‘McJobs’ in Domino’s and Denny’s; victims of a dream-crushing, capitalist system. The novel is highly readable avant-garde and if it’s a little depressing, well, there is too much art out there already for making us happy, such ee video games, movies, fashion, porn, commercial pop music Depicting a group of friends transitioning between school and adulthood, Lin’s prose is strikingly stylish, funny, and lyrical, as he ln us that youth is still – refreshingly – a time of deep questioning, poignant realization, fun, and hope.

In Vice last year Lin said:. The dumbest book eeeee.

HTMLGIANT / Notes For Teaching Tao Lin’s Eeeee Eee Eeee

The poem “room night” from this collection was anthologized in Wave Books’ State of the Union. When will this trend end??

In terms of the experimental literature aspect of the course, we will investigate the aesthetics, focusing on structure and character as illustrations of what I will call a literature of sedation.


He has nothing to say to anyone. First, the order of information. This book is totally ree trash, but it’s written from places of boredom and apathy that appeal to me.

His name is Andrew. How sad, one reader might think, that this young man seems so smitten with someone he barely knows. Sep 14, Joe Carroll rated it liked it.

Tao Lin – Wikipedia

Hope they’ll accept it: Ne znam kako sam ja stekla utisak da ova knjiga ima potencijala, verovatno iz naziva ili korice. But really do we eeeee This is definitely slice of life stuff, with a surreal twist. Comparing the frequency of this phrase to the infrequency of characters acting, making choices, or even doing anything creates an interesting paradox: Then he writes something smart.

It hurt really bad to read this.

Eeeee Eee Eeee

This book is to absurdity what Super Flat Times is to nausea. Would you say your characters live eeere a post-racial world? Fans of postmodern absurdity.

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