It’s not the magic that makes it work; it’s the way we work that makes it magic.” The secret for creating “magic”. Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney. Lee Cockerell, Author Broadway Business $26 (p) ISBN. Creating Magic has ratings and reviews. Josh said: Fantastic book on leadership that anyone in a management or leadership position MUST read. C.

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See all books by Lee Cockerell. The book is based around lists of how to be a great leader. In other words, what do you feel so strongly about that you would never change your stance? He is a future magic-maker and I can’t wait to see him implement these ideals in future companies he works for, manages, or owns.

Creating Magic Through Thinking – Lee Cockerell

Without sharing specific names, which nonprofessionals do you know who act professionally? Would have liked to see a more updated version with use of more practical tools than a DayTimer but otherwise very good. Soon I will not have to clean the house any longer and cook all the meals.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The author presents a challenging-to-answer question in the chapter on developing character.

Please try again later. Safe, healthy relaxation is productive to the total human being. People learn more when they pass the message on to others. Also by Lee Cockerell. What is an example of another business addressing a major complaint? I worked at E. I got chills listening to this book and hearing the stories the magic of Disney.

He talks about his early career, and he was not the favorite of his employees. How do you think your manager will receive and appreciate your ideas? And I must say, I completely agree on al 10 strategies mentioned in this book. How can you, as a student, be a good leader using these qualities at your part-time job? Jul 14, Iurii Gladkyi rated it it was amazing. This is a management book from the man who was head of operations at Disney World for many years.


The seminar as a whole absolutely changed my career and my life, and I have recommended and continuously purchased this book to leaders and aspiring leaders I have known since. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Oct 14, Pages.

Students will learn that these invaluable life skills transcend far beyond the corporate world. Mar 13, Ginger rated it really liked it. It will crexting be one that I refer back to throughout my career. Published October 14th by Broadway Business first published In this chapter, the author describes an error he once made while making hamburger buns as a cook in the U.

The author revisits RAVE from chapter 3. What was the original problem?

Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell | : Books

Basically Cockerell tells you to hire the right people. Chapter 3 discusses how, when cast members are motivated to contemplate better ways to perform tasks, productive results occur. Refresh and try again.

Nov 22, Gerald Carter rated it really liked it. Some good principles for leadership are included in the pages, and then they are included again, and again, but not in a repetition leads to learning kind of way. I question the implementation for all industries but do agree that if worked at, most of Lee’s ideals would improve any workplace.

I believe anyone who listens to or reads this book will finish it energized and with many take away ideas to use in life or business.


Can you site an example of an organization that is flat? What do you think would happen if the rule were eliminated?

Creating Magic Teacher’s Guide

The more objective a leader remains in finding the best employees possible, the better the resulting outcome. For example, several questions ask students to apply examples from the workplace, but not all students will have experience on which to draw. This is supposed to be a mini version of what you’d get from The Disney Institute as a management course.

Oct 14, Minutes Buy. The author’s examples seemed to all be the exact same with just a small twist or spin added to make his point and to hide that it was already used. Are you really working on the high priority stuff that will pay off for you in the different parts of your life? Lee Cockerell is the master and designer behind many of the practices that make Disney great. There are lots of anecdotes from the author’s work life, including quite a few from his pre-Disney life.

He seems to have spent too long immersed in the world of Disney and has begun thinking that real life will also always have a happy ending. Disney shows a video to new, promising hires before they are even interviewed. Do you agree or disagree with this?

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