Luo Shu · Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden). Albert Ting Pat So. Full Text Available Feng Shui, still popularly practiced today, was. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis methodology in a level-I PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment); Analisis de incertidumbres y sensibilidad aen un APS. Dari ciri morfologi diatas, didapatkan hasil identifikasi yaitu larva nyamuk? a. Culex sp. b. Aedes aegyptie c. Aedes albopictus d. Anopheles sp.

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Spectrographic analysis of waste waters ; Analisis espectrografico de aguas residuales.

79568562 Soal Parasit Uas

Sodium and calcium enhance the line intensities of impurities, when using graphite anopgeles gold electrodes, but they produce an opposite effect if copper or silver electrodes are used. General method of quantitative spectrographic analysis; Estudio de un metodo general de analisis espectrografico cuantitativo. A spectrographic method was developed to determine 23 elements in a wide range of concentrations; the method can xiri-ciri applied to metallic or refractory samples.

Previous melting with lithium tetraborate and germanium oxide is done in order abopheles avoid the influence of matrix composition and crystalline structure. Germanium oxide is also employed as internal standard. The resulting beads ar mixed with graphite powder 1: Spectrographic analysis of uranium-molybdenum alloys; Analisis espectrografico de aleaciones uranio-molibdeno. The carrier distillation technique, with gallium oxide and graphite as carriers, is used for the semiquantitative determination of Al, Cr, Fe, Ni and Si, involving the conversion of nyamku samples into oxides.

Total burning excitation is used for calcium, employing two sets of standards with 0,6 and 7. A Microphotometer is used to increase the sharpness of dark spectral lines.

Rangit – Wikipidia basa Banjar, insiklupidia bibas

Analyzing these lines one sample content and its concentration could be determined and the analysis is known as Quantitative Spectrographic Analysis. The Quantitative Spectrographic Analysis is carried out in 3 steps, as follows. This consists of gauging a photographic emulsion, to determine the intensity variations in terms of the incident radiation. For the procedure of emulsion calibration an adjustment with square minimum to the data obtained is applied to obtain a graph.

It is possible to determine the density of dark spectral line against the incident light intensity shown by the microphotometer. The values of known concentration of an element against incident light intensity are plotted.

Since the sample contains several elements, it is necessary to find a work curve for each one of them. The calibration curve and hentik curves are compared and the concentration of the studied element is determined.

Soal Parasit Uas

The automatic data acquisition, calculation and obtaining of resulting, is done by means of a computer PC and a computer program. Anopueles conditioning signal circuits have the function of delivering TTL levels Transistor Transistor Logic to make the communication between the microphotometer and the computer possible.

Data calculation is done using a computer programm. The application of spectrographic analysis anopjeles the radioisotope production control; Aplicacion del analisis espectrografico al control de produccion de radioisotopos.

The copper spark technique has been employed for both semi-quantitative and quantitative determinations of twelve usual impurities in the p. The effect of the HCl concentration has previously been investigated: Finally, the quantitative determination of each radioelement has been performed using the above-mentioned elements as internal standards, Ga and Ko giving the best results.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Data ini kemudian diproses dengan analisa deskriptif dan analisis regresi. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa tingkat partisipasi masyarakat cukup tinggi. Tingginya tingkat partisipasi ini disebabkan karena kebutuhan komunitas yang tinggi akan pelayanan air. Meskipun demikian masyarakat merasakan pentingnya peningkatan pengelolaaut air oleh UPS-AB khususnya dalam hal: ABSTRACT Polluted river water due to destructed forest, mining and population settlement have created lower quality of up-stream water that households generally consume.

Considering the scarcity of waterinPotable Water Management Unit UPS-AB of Kumpai Batu was founded as community association to participate in the potable water preparation, development and maintenance.

This study was conducted through a field survey on households selected using random sampling method. The variable studied were the availability of UPS-AB, involvement indecision making, involvement in activity, involvement in evaluation and social economic condition of village community.


Data were processed using descriptive an regression analysis. The result showed that availability of UPS-AB involvement in decision making, involvement in activities, involvement in evaluation and social-economic condition of village community positively affected community participation in potable water management. Full Text Available The exploration and production process of oil and its supporting operations always generates waste as by-product.

If they are uncontrolled, it might decrease the environmental quality. Thus, it is necessary to manage and treat the waste in order to meet the regulation standard of quality and quantity. PT XYZ is an energy company, particularly oil and gas production, which its production activity generate a large amount of waste as well as produced water.

Thus, PT XYZ must have facilities or produced water handling plant which could minimize pollution caused by produced water. PT XYZ already has a system of produced water handling with recycling principle. After oil and water separation including water treating at Water Treating Plant WTP, produced water will be used for steam injection.

This is the part of enhanced oil recovery by steam flooding in Duri Field. If the produced water and brine water is over load the capacity of oil enhanced recovery injection, it might be disposed through injection to Disposal Well and there are certain condition that produced water should be discharged into canal.

Water Treating Plant is a facility for treating produced water. Full Text Available Abstrak — Optimasi penggunaan energi matahari perlu ditingkatkan, salah satunya dengan menggunakan kolektor surya.

Kegiatan penelitian diawali dengan desain, kontruksi, dan pengujian termal kolektor surya tipe plat datar. Kolektor surya tipe plat datar yang digunakan memiliki geometri panjang 1m, lebar 0,5 m, tinggi 0,18 m, kolektor surya dilapisi dua bahan yang berbeda yaitu polistirena foam dengan tebal 0,02 m dan armaflex dengan tebal 0,02 m. Pengambilan data dilakukan dengan sesuai variasi.

Pengambilan radiasi matahari menggunakan kamera termal dan lux meter, temperatur menggunakan thermocouple tipe K, kecepatan angin menggunakan environment meter, dan debit menggunakan flow monitor. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah temperatur capaian maksimum terjadi ketika debit maksimal 2.

Il presente testo intende essere di supporto ad un secondo insegnamento di Analisi Matematica in quei corsi di studio quali ad esempio Ingegneria, Informatica, Fisica in cui lo strumento matematico parte significativa della formazione dell’allievo. L’impostazione didattica dell’opera ricalca quella usata nel testo parallelo di Analisi Matematica I. Il testo organizzato su due livelli di lettura. Analysis of pumping systems to large flows of cooling water in power plants; Analisis de sistemas de bombeo para grandes flujos de agua de enfriamiento en centrales termoelectricas.

Accurate measurement of large water flows remains being a challenge in the problems of implementation of circulating water systems of power plants and other applications. This paper, presents a methodology for the analysis in pumping systems with high rates of water in power plants, as well as their practical application and results in pipelines water flow of a thermoelectrical power plant of MW.

In this analysis, we present the techniques used to measure large flows of water with high accurately, as well as the computational model for water circulating system using PIPE FLO and the results of practical application techniques.

En este articulo, se presenta una metodologia para el analisis de sistemas de bombeo con grandes flujos de agua en centrales termoelectricas, asi como, su aplicacion practica y los resultados obtenidos en los ductos de agua de circulacion de una central generadora con unidades de MW. En el analisisse presentan las tecnicas utilizadas para medir con precision grandes flujos de agua tubo de Pitotasi como, el modelado del sistema de agua de circulacion por medio de un paquete computacional PIPE FLO y resultados obtenidos de la aplicacion de dichas tecnicas.

The main ingredient in manufacturing of concrete: Aggregate has an important role on the quality of the concrete. Various types and trademarks for admixture of concrete that can be used as addictive of the concrete mix with specific purpose.

The study aims to determine the effect of the added material of Reduced Water and Accelerated Admixture Bestmit Full Text Available Dalam high temperature reactor, koefisien reaktivitas temperatur yang didesain negatif menjamin reaksi fisi dalam teras tetap berada di bawah kendali dan panas peluruhan tidak akan pernah melelehkan bahan bakar yang menyebabkan terlepasnya zat radioaktif ke ciri-viri.


Namun masuknya air water ingress ke dalam teras reaktor akibat pecahnya tabung penukar panas generator uap, yang dikenal sebagai salah satu kecelakaan dasar desain, dapat mengintroduksi reaktivitas positif dengan potensi bahaya lainnya seperti korosi grafit nyamk kerusakan material struktur reflektor.

Hasil perhitungan memperlihatkan koefisien reaktivitas Doppler tetap negatif untuk seluruh opsi bahan bakar yang dipertimbangkan bahkan untuk posibilitas water ingress yang besar. Efek water cirri-ciri lebih kuat pada model kisi dengan fraksi packing lebih rendah karena lebih banyak volume yang tersedia untuk air yang memasuki teras reaktor. Efek water ingress juga lebih kuat di teras uranium dibandingkan teras thorium dan plutonium sebagai konsekuensi dari fenomena Doppler dimana absorpsi neutron di daerah resonansi U lebih besar daripada Th dan Pu.

Secara keseluruhan dapat disimpulkan bahwa, koefisien Doppler teras RGTTK mampu mengkompensasi insersi reaktivitas yang diintroduksi oleh kecelakaan water ingress. The application of computers to the processing of data in spectrographic analysis; Aplicacion ciri-ciiri la informatica al tratamiento de datos en el analisis espectrografico.

Two mutually connected programs have been written in BASIC language for performing the following tasks: Lead shielded cells for the spectrographic analysis of radioisotope solutions; Descripcion de un equipo, con recintos blindados, para el ciri-cidi espectrografico de soluciones de radioisotopos.

Two lead shielded cells for the spectrochemical analysis of radioisotope samples are described. One of them is devoted to the evaporation of samples before excitation and ciri-cirri other one contains a suitable spectrographic excitation stand for the copper spark technique.

A special device makes it possible the easy displacement of the excitation cell on wheels and rails for its accurate and reproducible position as well as its replacement anooheles a glove box for plutonium analysis. In order to guarantee safety the room in which the spectrograph and the source are set up in separated from the active laboratory by a cciri-ciri with a suitable window. Volatilization mechanism of certain elements in a method of semiquantitative spectrographic analysis; Mecanismo de volatilizacion de ciertos elementos en un metodo de analisis espectrografico semicuantitativo.

Ti, V and W. In order to account for the different behaviour of these elements their volatilization mechanism has been studied. Semiquantitative spectrographic analysis of nuclear interest minerals and of various products; Analisis espectrografico semicuantitativo de minerales de interes nuclear y productos diversos.

Because the great number of samples of various kinds receiving in the Chemical Division, minerals in the most part, for its jenik analysis, a rapid spectrographic method has been developed.

It permits the determination of the following elements with a semiquantitative character. Neutron Activation analysis of waste water ; Analisis de aguas residuales mediante activacion neutronica. An instrumental neutron activation analysis for the simultaneous determination of chlorine, bromine, sodium, manganese, cobalt, copper, chromium, zinc, nickel, antimony and iron in waste water is described.

They were determined in waste water samples under normal conditions by non-destructive neutron activation simultaneously using a suitable monostandard method.

A Ge hyperpure detector was used for your activity determination, with count times of anopheels,and seconds. The obtained results show than the method can be utilized for the determination of this elements without realize anything previous treatment namuk the samples.

Analytical methods for drinking water ; Metodi di analisi per le acque destinate al consumo umano. These analytical methods for drinking water were elaborated by the second Sub-commission of the Permanent study committee ex-article 9 of Italian Ministerial Decree DM of March 26,established at the Ministry of Health.

Strategic environmental assessment of water planning: Cachon de Mesa, J. Madrid Spain ; Espaol Echaniz, I.

This article presents the conclusions drawn out of a review of five cases of environmental assessment of water planning in Europe. These conclusions are the starting point for the development of proposals.

Full Text Available One of the important aspects in thermal design is refrigeration and air conditioning. Working principle of air conditioning is absorption and thermal dissipation process.

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