Scheuermann disease, also known as juvenile kyphosis, juvenile discogenic disease 11, or vertebral epiphysitis, is a common condition which results in. Scheuermann’s disease is a self-limiting skeletal disorder of childhood. Scheuermann’s .. vertebral column. Hidden categories: CS1 Danish-language sources (da) · Infobox medical condition (new) · Commons category link is on Wikidata. A cifose de Scheuermann é a forma mais clássica de dorso curvo e é o resultado do acunhamento vertebral que ocorre durante a adolescência. Nos adultos, a.

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Foram avaliados 28 pacientes divididos em dois grupos conduzidos de forma temporalmente distinta. Spine Phila Pa They will then often be required to wear a brace for several months to ensure the spine heals correctly leaving the patient with the correct posture.

The ages ranged from 16 to 51 years, with a mean age of Xifose the patients in the first group, 17 had preoperative pain. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. Clin Orthop Relat Res. Scheuermann’s kyphosis Scheuermann’s disease Scheuermann kyphosis Juvenile thoracic kyphosis Scheuermann-Delahaye’s disease Vertebral epiphisitis Kyphosis dorsalis juvenilis Classical Scheuermann disease Classic Scheuemann disease Scheuermann’s disease.

Schduermann follow-up, the patients were evaluated by the same VAS method; only three patients complained of residual pain, and the average postoperative score was 0. Retrieved 2 April Many are out of work for at least 6 months. For the decision as to which statistical tests to perform, the normality of scheuermnn variables was tested, i.

It is named after Danish surgeon Holger Scheuermann.

Moe’s textbook of scoliosis and other spinal deformities. There was no difference in the correction obtained after surgery or after end of the follow-up. Scheuermann’s disease scheuermajn self-limiting after growth is complete, meaning that it generally runs its course and never presents further complication. Recovery from kyphosis correction surgery can be very long; typically patients are not allowed to lift anything above 5 or 10 pounds for 6 months to a year.


Decision making regarding Smith-Petersen vs. Focus on weight and height role”. Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis: The titanium instrumentation holds everything in place during healing and is not necessary once fusion completes. Possible complications may be inflammation of the soft tissue or deep inflammatory processes, breathing impairments, bleeding and nerve injuries, or infection.

About Blog Go ad-free. Spinal fusion for kyphosis and scoliosis is an extremely invasive surgery.

Scheuermann’s disease

Posterior fusion for Scheuermann’s kyphosis. Only resected rib grafts were placed in the disc spaces.

The criteria used in this study were in keeping with literature. It has been reported that curves in the lower thoracic region cause more pain, whereas curves in the upper region present a more visual deformity.

Scheuermann’s disease – Wikipedia

With the patient scheuermanm ventral decubitus, after a posterior access and subperiosteal dissection, resection of the lower facets was performed at cofose the levels of arthrodesis Figure 2. The cause is not currently known, and the condition appears to be multifactorial. After the posterior approach, an average correction of The anterior approach was performed by means of left thoracotomy with the patient positioned in right lateral decubitus with costectomy, anterior release anterior and posterior longitudinal ligamentcomplete discectomy at the maximum levels necessary and intersomatic arthrodesis without instrumentation of an average of seven discs at the site of the deformity.

The efficacy of combined treatment of SK by the anterior and posterior route is well documented in literature. Osteoporosis in Scheuermann’s disease.

Vertebral alterations in Scheuermann’s kyphosis. All the patients who did not have access to monitoring were submitted to the Stagnara wake-up test, after reduction of the deformity. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Moe’s textbook of scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

Paciente e Família

Free hand pedicle screw placement in the thoracic spine: A genetic and linkage study”. J Bone Joint Surg Am. To resolve these problems, dual approach arthrodesis was proposed, with discectomy, release of the anterior-posterior longitudinal ligament, and intersomatic arthrodesis in the first phase of surgery, and arthrodesis and instrumentation in the second phase.

No somatosensitive monitoring studies or evoked medullary potential studies were carried out in any of the cases due to the lack of available conditions for their performance. The number of transversal devices varied as necessary during surgery. In the second group, eight patients presented preoperative pain, with an average score of 5. Echeuermann tratamento para CS permanece controverso.

All the patients were submitted to surgical treatment by the same team of surgeons. Clin Orthop Relat Res. Unable to process the form. Scheuermann’s kyphosis in adolescents and adults: Typically, however, once the patient is fully grown, the bones will maintain the deformity. The natural history and long-term follow-up of Scheuermann kyphosis. Double L-rod instrumentation in the treatment of severe kyphosis secondary to Scheuermann’s disease.

Corrective osteotomies in spine surgery. Scheuermann’s disease can be successfully corrected with surgical procedures, almost all of which include spinal fusion and hardware instrumentation, i. In relation to the posterior approach in isolation, the debate still continues, as the results of literature are conflicting.

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